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This site makes it possible to translate words and sentences from and to a large number of languages, and contains a lot of information about languages, their grammar and other things which can be useful for anyone who has to translate texts or is just interested in languages.

The translations of texts are provided by the translation engines of Bing; the quality of these translations can vary greatly, but we have no influence on this. However, the translations of separate words come from our own translation engine, which uses English and Esperanto as auxiliary languages to translate between a large number of other languages. Should this translation engine give a translation that you think is not quite correct, we invite you to contact us, so that we can try to improve it.

Some dictionaries in our database are very big, like those of Dutch and English, while others contain just a basic vocabulary as yet, but all dictionaries are continually under development and new words and new extra information are added all the time.

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